Hey everyone,

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I have been obsessing with some of my other interests but also was struggling the last few days with major sleep deprivation that comes with a difficult sleep schedule like E3.

To give an update on that, I’ve decided to take a new sleep schedule. While E3 is still likely going to be the end goal, I realized a few things with this second attempt.

For one, apparently my polyphasic buddies misjudged a schedule I had consulted them with and all this time I was following a schedule that had my core and first nap too close together. Not that is was necessarily impossible, but it was likely that my body was considering my core sleep and first nap simply as one sleep period with an interrupted gap between. Not so bad with a biphasic sleep schedule, but damaging with one like E3.

Another reason is that I admittedly became too confident with myself during this adaption. I felt I was adapting better than before and so I allowed myself to fall into situations that made oversleeping impossible to avoid. In other words, I was hit with SWS (slow wave sleep) rebound and my body was desperately trying to get it back, so rather than be more comfortable with things like sitting on the couch, I should have had a more strict schedule and routine to avoid falling asleep. You would think I’d have learned enough from my first adaption, but when you are in zombie mode from sleep deprivation your brain simply stops functioning the right way.

I also visited a friend’s place one night and ended up playing video games there until close to my bedtime. Not being in my blue-light reduced home, I was exposed to a significant amount of blue light and thus ended up sleeping a bad core that morning. So that and a few other factors led to me deciding that I will go ahead and recover before starting the Everyman 2 schedule, which has a 4.5 hour core vs. a 3.5 hour core, and then two 20-minute naps in the day instead of three.

My total sleep time now will be 5 hours and 10 minutes versus the 4.5 hours I was getting with Everyman 3. The longer core should make it so that I am not hit with as much SWS deprivation and will likely make for a much easier transition, especially that I’ve done E3 for 1.5 months with both my attempts.

The great thing about this new schedule is that I am going to have a later core, 2:30AM instead of 2:00AM, which means going out at night will be much more doable! Of course, I should still be wearing red laser glasses (these block most blue and green light from entering your eyes, which keep you awake and not sleeping right when you do) and not taking substances that will effect my sleep, such as but not limited to alcohol.

In addition to having a later core, once I’m adapted to E2 I should be able to flex (move) my naps around much easier and without consequence compared to E3. Even better is that my partner is finally ready to start a new sleep schedule herself and so we are trying to set our wake times to be the same time or at least close together! That means we’ll have each other to keep awake and productive. We’ve already begun setting up a schedule for food prepping, early morning yoga, and exercise. Ideally we will both be sleeping better (she has complained for a long time about monophasic sleep) and spend more productive time together. We even have a friend who wants to start kick boxing with us in the morning!

All in all I’m actually really excited for my new sleep schedule and having a buddy to help me nail it. Also, after two attempts my napping skills and sleep hygiene are near perfected and that will help majorly. After 1.5 months of 4.5 hours of sleep I honestly feel like I can do anything!

Anyway, it’s important when doing something like polyphasic sleeping and other goals in life that failure is only failure if you allow it to be. There is hardly anything in life that we try for the first time or second time and are simply amazing at, though those rare moments are amazing! Instead, we usually need to try and try again before we master things or come up with solutions.

So after two attempts of Everyman 3 I have learned a lot about myself and feel even more empowered than before. I hate having to go and recover with monophasic sleeping again (only a week minimum) but I’m channeling my energy and desire to prepare me for my new Everyman 2 schedule and get it down. Once I’ve adapted, we’ll see if I still decide to switch to Everyman 3. But for now, one thing at a time.

Having trouble completing something or upset at not hitting your goal? Remember, failure is only failure if you allow it to be.

Thanks for reading!

-Indi (:

7 thoughts on “Failure

  1. I’ve had this post open for the past two days. I’d read a few lines and then I would get interrupted. It was a bit like your sleep. (That was my weak attempt at polyphasic sleeping joke.)

    It’s good that you are still tweaking it and trying to make it custom designed for you. I have to admit that I don’t know much on the topic, but I wondered if your first nap wasn’t too close to your core.

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    1. I do the same with articles and blog posts haha. Keep them open until I get to finishing them. That was a clever joke though 😉

      And yeah, I had put my core and nap close together because A) I was having a hard time working the nap with my morning shifts at work and B) Staying awake between my core/1st nap (and after) was my most difficult challenge. So I was hoping that being able to nap soon after my core would get a nap in before work and keep me from feeling too sleepy. Might have had a part in my brutal adaption but with the other misteps there’s no way of telling for sure. At least, not until I get an EEG. Anyway thanks for the support! Just woke up from my first E2 core and ready to hop back onto a polyphasic sleep schedule!

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      1. Not necessarily, but having an EEG would allow me to verify my progress both to myself and others. I’m all for sleeping less and being more productive but I want to make sure I am healthy and spreading awareness on something that CAN work. (: Once I get an EEG I can also determine how much sleep I truly need, as we all need different amounts of sleep. Maybe E2 ends up working but then I decide to switch to E3 and I feel good, but am not necessarily getting the proper amount of REM and SWS. Hooking up an EEG to myself while sleeping would help determine all this!

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      2. Oh yeah! There are sleep monitors on the market and you can also make your own EEG at home with the right supplies. I’m waiting for my budget to improve a bit so I can make the right purchase.

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