Recovery From E3 Attempt | Day 4

In case you’re reading and not familiar, recovery for polyphasic sleepers is when you have failed or fallen out of adaption from your desired sleep schedule but trying to get back on the horse so to speak.

Having to go through recovery means catching up on all the lost sleep cycles you’ve had, mainly REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and SWS (Slow Wave Sleep). To ensure you get all this needed sleep, you must go back to the dreaded mono-phasic sleep and without an alarm nonetheless. You may not sleep well the entire 8-12 hours, but you’re eventually altogether in your restless sleep getting what you need. To be honest, it sucks.

Your days feel longer and even though you feel more rested than probably your last day or few of adaption, you are more groggy and slow upon waking than most of it (at least for me). That being said, it is a nice break from a rigid schedule and you can (but probably shouldn’t) eat a sugary snack at a time you should usually be napping. I feel the pros out weight the cons with having the polyphasic sleep schedule, but as I’ve said before, to each their own. Personally, hearing my usual wake-up alarm just go off now makes me think I’d rather have napped from my long day of work rather than eat a pop-tart. And being an Aspie with horrible time management and no schedule makes for all sorts of wasted time and tardiness with tasks. But anyway.

My body is definitely getting used to naps and sleeping in segments as in the last few days I’ve either woken up at my previous wake time of 5:30AM or other times I should be awake. And when my usual third nap time rolled around I was suddenly feeling extremely sleepy. Did have a busy day at work and my first real meal a little while ago though. Would totally take a nap if I hadn’t eaten some pasta and sugary food.

Well, just another few days of recovery and I’ll be able to start an easier schedule that will suit my night life better, still give me a good amount of extra time in the day, and be able to help me transition into E3 better. Holding on for Everyman 2!

-Indi (:

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